Managing Partner

Patrick is a Senior Partner and Legal Consultant in the Firm. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the legal profession having worked as a senior lawyer with leading local and global law firms, corporations, nonprofits and international organizations.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Moi University and is pursuing a Master of Science in Management and Organizational Development at United States International University (USIU). He has post qualification training in corporate governance and compliance, intellectual property and sustainable development. Patrick is an Arthur Helton Fellow and a member of the American Society of International Law (ASIL), Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS), East Africa Law Society (EALS) and Law Society of Kenya (LSK). He has published in various local and international journals particularly on employment, business and human rights, sustainable corporate practice and other emerging areas of law.

Patrick’s areas of practice include incorporation and restructuring of legal entities (companies, businesses and nonprofits), estate planning and succession, mergers and acquisitions, structured trade finance, corporate governance, project finance, investment due diligence, transaction advisory on energy oil and gases, real estate, infrastructure, public private partnerships, provident funds and private equities.

Patrick enjoys outdoor adventures and nature walks, traveling, watching movies and sampling diverse culinary experience from different cultures. Patrick is engaged as the Kenyan and East Africa Legal Counsel for various multinational corporations and international nonprofit organizations.

Patrick is currently engaged in international development law and rule of law work in Africa in his role as the Africa Project Lead for UK based global charity, Advocates for International Development.

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