Our Services

Technology Media and Telecommunication (IP&TMT)

We advise individuals, companies and nonprofits/charities on registration of intellectual property rights (trademarks/patents/copyrights etc) and regulatory compliance on privacy and data protection, cyber securities, FinTech, hardware-software licences and agreements, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, big data, metaverse rights, cloud/edge computing, digitial economy/finances, digital identity, media (tv/radio/social media), capital markets and securities (online forex/offshore/brokerage) and betting/gaming regulations.

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Property Sale/Purchase/Lease

We assist and facilitate individuals, companies and nonprofits/charities in purchase, sale and leasing of land, apartments, town houses, offices, warehouses, godowns, stalls shops and commercials/residential buildings. This include undertaking due diligence, drafting/reviewing letters of offer, sale agreements, leases, surveys andobtaining relevant consent and approvals for transactions and transfer of properties. We also act as powers of attorney or agents in scouting, verification, attending to approvals and facilitating purchase or sale of properties for individuals/entities not physically present in Kenya as well as providing property management services.

Commercial Transactions, Banking and Finance, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance

We provide legal services to individual, corporates and nonprofits in drafting, review and management of contracts and agreements. We also facilitate registration and restructuring companies and nonprofits, drafting board charters and organization policies, board induction, change management, mergers and acquisition, business model analysis, invesment due diligence and advising on legal risk and governance.         We also represent clients in regulatory bodies and assist in acquiring permits, licences and approvals from regulators.

Litigation and Alternative Disputes Resolution

We provide legal services in contracts enforcement and defence, negotiations on settlement of disputes, mediation, arbitration and concilliation. We represent clients in filing or defending civil, commercial, family, employment, land, human rights and other cases in courts and tribunals. We also advise clients and assist clients in investigations, forensic audit and white collar crimes matters. Our lawyers have experience in disputes resolutions on various matters including succession and probate, employment, insurance, family (children custody and maintenance – marriage, separation and divorce), constitutional and human rights, energy, procurement, construction, environmental, tax and financial services.

Immigration and Work Permits, Nonprofits/Charity Compliance

We provide specialist advice in the field of immigration including facilitating acquisition of Visas and residence in all categories such as study, work and business as well as permits and citizenship. We also advise and facilitate local and international nonprofits on registration, setting up operations, obtaining licences and permits, statutory compliance, tax exemption and human resource and project management.

Responsible Business (Business and Human Rights), ESG and Investment Due Diligence

We advise businesses, investors and regulators on complying with local regulations and international standards on responsible business, obtaining licences, recruiting local personnel, drafting/reviewing contracts and accompanying clients to strategic meetings or responding to regulators enquiries. We also support and advise companies on incorporating human rights due diligence in their operations, developing and implementing human rights policies and providing support in transaction advisory, non financial reporting and mainstreaming ESG and Business and Human Rights policies to ensure business operations do not cause adverse impact on the human rights of people, communities and environment. We guide businesses to comply with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), export market guidelines, supply chain guidelines and regulators guidelines on ESG/climate change.

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